MOM New Insurance Requirements

Starting from 1st July 2023, insurance coverage for maids in Singapore shall be revised to have a minimum coverage of at least $60,000 instead of the previous $15,000. How does it affect you as an employer and also how much more do you have to pay for the added insurance coverage requirements?


Click HERE for an insurance quote to find out how you can customise your insurance coverage for your maid to suit your needs.


Rest Day Requirements

Starting from 1st January 2023, employers must at least provide maids with a minimum of 1 rest day each month. How should you administer this new requirement?


Click HERE to download a MOM guidebook on how you can administer the new rest day requirements. 


Safekeeping of maid belongings

Maid’s work permit, passport and handphone are examples of maid’s personal belongings and should be kept by the maid personally.

What can you do to prevent issues like over usage of mobile phone or even maids running away from your home?

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